Staff specialists

Matt Doogue
Matthew Doogue Clinical Pharmacologist & Endocrinologist, University of Otago, Canterbury District, New Zealand
Associate Professor Matt Doogue is a consultant physician for Canterbury District Health Board with particular responsibilities in medicines governance and “eMedicines”. His research interests include adverse drug reactions,... read more
Nicole Gilroy Senior Staff Specialist in Infectious Diseases, Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia
Dr. Nicky Gilroy is a past member of the national Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisations (ATAGI) and former Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Safety of... read more
Stephen Hedger Director of Acute Medical Unit, Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide, Australia
Associate Professor Stephen Hedger is a General Physician and Rheumatologist. Along with his position as the Director of Acute Medical Unit at Flinders Medical Centre, he is also... read more
Helen Crowther Clinical Haematologist, Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia
Dr. Helen Crowther is a Haematologist both at Westmead and Blacktown Hospitals. She is also a Senior Lecturer in Haematology at the University of Western Sydney. Helen was... read more
Ashwin Swaminathan Clinical Director of General Medicine & Senior Staff Specialist in Dept. of Infectious Disease and General Medicine, Canberra Hospital, Australia
Dr. Ashwin Swaminathan is a General Medicine and Infectious Diseases Physician based in Canberra. He has a research interest in environmental health, infectious diseases epidemiology and clinical service... read more

Advanced trainee representatives

Soumyadeep Bose
Dr. Bose is in his second year of advanced training in General and Acute Medicine with a particular interest in diabetes, thyroid diseases, and perioperative medicine. His other... read more
Sonya Natasha Hurabarat
Sonya Natasha Hutabarat
Dr. Natasha Hutabarat is an Infectious Diseases advanced trainee. After graduating from Western Sydney University, she continued her junior medical and physician training in the suburbs of Western... read more
Rajni Lal
Dr . Rajni Lal is completing her dual Advanced Training in General and Acute Medicine along with Geriatric Medicine within NSW Hospitals. She has completed her Master’s in... read more

BPT representatives

Tu Hao Tran
Dr. Hao is a medical registrar and aspiring cardiologist with a keen interest in medical education and martial arts.

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