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IMplementation of Primary pREvention StrategieS (IMPRESS) Contest (1000 AUD Award)

Background: Non-communicable diseases are a significant cause of mortality and morbidity in the developing countries. Data from the World Health Organization, Global Burden of Disease (GBD) Studies and Register General of India have reported that cardiovascular diseases are the most significant causes of death and disability and the age-adjusted mortality rate from these conditions has increased by 31% in last 25 years. It is estimated that better management of hypertension control can prevent 400–500,000 premature deaths in India (Gupta and Xavier, 2018).

Patterns of disease occurrence in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are changing and the prevalence of chronic disease is increasing. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) cause a significant and growing burden of death and disability in SSA; with a 48% prevalence rate for hypertension, 5.1% for diabetes and 20% for obesity in this region. It is projected that NCDs will overtake infectious diseases as major cause of morbidity and mortality by 2030. SSA currently lacks adequate data and resources regarding NCDs to respond to this problem (Mudie et al, 2019) and (Holmes et al, 2010).

There are extensive discrepancies between the ways preventive medicine is practiced in developed and developing nations. In developing nations, treatment strategies for common NCDs such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease are often variable and inconsistent with established guidelines, particularly on a general practice level.

Though national and state-level guidelines for NCDs do exist, they are not always evidence-based and are not updated regularly. These guidelines are also often excessively detailed, and many General Practitioners may not have the time to review and utilize them as they often see over fifty patients on a daily basis.

Purpose: In 2022, the Australia and New Zealand General Medicine Update (ANZGMU) scientific committee will be accepting applicants for the IMPRESS Contest.

Applicants are tasked with creating a set of simple graphical guides for the early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the non-communicable-diseases: diabetes mellitus and hypertension.

The ANZGMU scientific committee suggests that you consider the following instructions when designing your guides:
• Create flash-card style guides for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up in a clinic setting.
• Use a bullet-point or flow chart format with no more than two hundred words and two to three flash-cards per NCD.
• When conceptualising recommended treatment strategies, keep in mind the importance of cost efficiency, as these guides will be created for developing nations.
• Use only established international guidelines as a basis. Additionally, cite these guidelines in order to enhance legitimacy and provide further reading.

Value: The ANZGMU scientific committee will award  $500 prize for each NCD entry winner (total of $1000).

Eligibility: Application for the 2022 IMPRESS Award is open to medical doctors at any career level. Applicants can submit for either or both the NCD categories.

Process: The judging panel will evaluate each applicant’s entry to ensure its relevance, quality and suitability as informational material for general practitioners in developing nations. The best and most suitable entry will be selected for future implementation.

Submisson Details: Please submit your work as a WORD PDF to or



Contact: for more information

ANZGMU Best Oral Presentation Award

Purpose: The award is to recognise the top 3 oral presentations. The award will be judged on the quality and originality of the work and presentation.

Criteria: Open to all stage career doctors. Click here for more details.


  • 1st Place $200
  • 2nd Place $150
  • 3rd Place $100



The winner will be announced at the end of the ANZGMU meet.

Annual ANZGMU and Revise Nephrology Observership Travel Grant

ANZGMU is proud to support the annual “ANZGMU Revise Nephrology Observership/Travel Grant”. The purpose of the grant is to support a candidate who is either a current nephrology trainee or less than 1 year post completion of their nephrology training from the developing world to spend a total of 6 weeks in the Renal units of Sydney based Westmead, Blacktown and Nepean Hospitals. The grant covers airfares, accommodation and registration to the ANZGMU.

Due to ongoing uncertainties of COVID-19 restrictions, the travel grant has now been placed on hold.

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