Soumyadeep Bose

Dr. Bose is in his second year of advanced training in General and Acute Medicine with a particular interest in diabetes, thyroid diseases, and perioperative medicine. His other interests include travelling, photography and gourmet cooking.

Sonya Natasha Hutabarat

Sonya Natasha Hurabarat

Dr. Natasha Hutabarat is an Infectious Diseases advanced trainee. After graduating from Western Sydney University, she continued her junior medical and physician training in the suburbs of Western Sydney. She has a particular interest in tropical medicine and migrant health.

Rajni Lal

Dr . Rajni Lal is completing her dual Advanced Training in General and Acute Medicine along with Geriatric Medicine within NSW Hospitals. She has completed her Master’s in Public Health through the University of Sydney. Her interest is to pursue a career in Perioperative Medicine. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and spending time with her beautiful nieces.

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